Calendar 2020

The Norfolk Rapidplay 2020

  • The Norfolk Rapidplay takes place on Sunday the 26th January at Roxley Hall, Yarmouth Road, Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich, NR7 0QF.
  • Please note this is a change in venue from the Gas Club.

    The EACU Closed Championships 2020

    • The EACU Closed Championships take place on the 7th and 8th March at Whittlesford Memorial Hall.
    • 2nd Norfolk Blitz Tournament - Sunday 31st May 2020

      POSTPONED - Further information to follow

      • After last years successful Blitz tournament I asked if any clubs would host this years and I am pleased to advise that the Morley Club in Sheringham have agreed to host the 2nd Norfolk Blitz as part of the centenary celebrations. As well as providing the venue for free they are providing sponsorship which means that I have been able to reduce the entry fee to £5 and still leave enough money for a decent prize fund. I am very grateful to the Morley club for their generosity. Numbers are restricted to 30 entrants. I have reduced the number of rounds to 10 which means that if we do reach 30 entrants we can have two sections the time control will also be different to last year and is 5 minutes plus 2 seconds per move increment. The games will not be submitted for grading as ECF do not produce a Blitz grading list, so there is an element of fun in this event.
      • The Norfolk Individual Championships 2020

        • The Norfolk Individual Championships takes place on the 3th and 4th October.
        • The Lowestoft Rapidplay 2020

          • The Lowestoft Rapidplay takes place on the 29th November.